About Us

Felix and Rascal

By Amy Greenwald

Felix and RascalWe’re happy you are on our site and deciding what to do about a new litter box and all About Us.

We never imagined creating a website about cat litter boxes. Greg and I (that’s my husband) knew we were meant to be when we found out we both love cats and especially orange ones.  Not all of our cats over the years have been orange. Sparky, Mikey, Pookie, Tigger, Captain, Buster and now Felix and Rascal are our cats at home. Felix is named after a James Bond movie character and Mikey, a grey Tiger cat when I was little was named after my Uncle Mike.  We adopted Felix at the local county pound after our beloved Captain passed away. Felix is maybe 3 years old and gives Rascal a run for his money because Rascal is 13. We’re so lucky they do so well together even with an occasional wrestling match.

So we know what it’s like to have cats who make a mess over the side, go to town digging and flinging litter and who don’t want others around to watch. Our old guy Rascal barfs too but that’s probably a different website on what to do about furballs. And thankfully we don’t have a dog who is especially attracted to this madness.

When searching for fun stuff like cat castles, we noticed too that we could not find enough information on one page about cat litter boxes and which one does what. It is amazing how many different options are out there and the price ranges too!  We haven’t tried it yet but discovered there is beautiful and functional furniture built just to hide the litter box. We all know it’s not pretty.

We hope that you have fun while looking through our site and learning what you need to know about your next and best cat litter box decision.