Automatic Cat Feeder While You Travel

Automatic Pet Feeder

By Greg Greenwald

Why You Need A Cat Feeder?

Because an automatic cat feeder can make you’re life a whole lot easier, let me explain. For my initial introduction to pet feeders was when I traveled, typically 1-3 days every other week. I really didn’t have anyone close to come in and feed my cat every day and was looking for a better solution and found it with the auto feeder. Here’s a breakdown of the advantages:

  • It’s a must for those that travel. Cats can be left alone a whole lot better than dogs for short spurts. Even when I traveled I still had someone come over when they could just to make sure everything was okay not only with the cat but the house as well, especially during the winter living in Ohio.
  • If your cat is on a controlled diet this is a great way to load some food and have it given out in equal disbursements throughout the day. This completely takes the guesswork and labor out of managing your cats food. If you haven’t been scolded at the vet yet about your cat being overweight than feel lucky. Cats are all about routines, so even when your in town it’s great because it’s getting their meals on a predictable schedule and we all know cats have internal tummy clocks.
  • It saves you time and stress. Because your not managing the food bowl as frequently you know have the opportunity to spend your time doing other beneficial things, like enjoying time with your cat! It reduces your stress not only because of less maintenance it also stops those moments where you head out to door and later realize you forgot to feed your cat. Now when you get home you still have you leg left by the time you refill its bowl.
  • It’s another must if you are in a multi-cat environment.
  • Less stink. Those of you may know what I mean, it’s that big whiff at 6am you get opening the cat food box before having your coffee.
  • They are super easy to use!
  • Be sure to match your feeder with a cat water fountain.

How Much Do They Cost?

Prices vary on the type of feeder your looking for. As an average you’ll pay between $40 and $200 dollars based on the quality and options for your automatic pet feeder. Keep in mind the paybacks that you’ll receive from it however, it’s huge! I simply couldn’t imagine not having one for a multitude of reasons.

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Cat Feeder

Are They Made Especially For Cats?

That depends. Some pet feeders are universal while others have cats strictly in mind. The feeders we review and recommend on this site are those we’ve found work best with cats.

Is There Any Maintenance Involved?

Yes, but not nearly what you would have serving the traditional way. It’s a good idea to routinely clean the food storage area and the area that receive the dispersed food that you cat eats from. Each product will have their own recommendations so read the owners manual carefully, some components will state are dishwasher safe while others aren’t, so be careful.

What If The Power Goes Out, Will My Cat Go Hungry?

No, many come with battery backups or run from batteries primarily. In the case that you find the “perfect” cat feeder that doesn’t have a ┬ábackup you can always purchase a third party battery backup. That reminds me, make sure for those that have a battery backup you set a reminder on your smart phone or otherwise to alert to change them once a year. We have a policy in our house that all important batteries (smoke detectors, automatic pet feeders, etc.) get changed on the day after Christmas.

Once you receive you new unit please come back and let us know how it worked for you and your cat. Happy cats make happy homes, enjoy your new unit.