Best Automatic – 2nd Edition

Automatic Litter Box Reviews 2nd Editoin

By Amy Greenwald

They’re often a pain to deal with, yet a complete necessity for those indoor kitty-cats. In years past, the most common method of maintaining the box was through manual, hands-on scooping and cleaning. Today however, there’s a better way – the automatic cat litter box. There are plenty of these on the market, some better than others. In the spirit of informed purchase and clean hands, we review the top choices.

Litter Robot LRII

The Litter Robot LRII is an enclosed unit that employs a completely jam free raking process. Dirty litter is automatically deposited in a handy drawer beneath the unit. The unit is priced at around $369, new on

The Litter Robot is somewhat bulky, coming in at around 29-pounds and measuring at around 24x22x29. Despite this one drawback though, the unit typically operates flawlessly, and since its release, customer reviews positively reflect this. Simply pull out the bag-lined, bottom drawer when full, and leave the rest to the Litter Robot. It’s really that simple and the hands-down, best current pick in the market.


The CatGenie closely rivals the Litter Robot’s efficacy and appears in our search for the very best. This one-of-a-kind system is designed to completely wash itself and reuse a litter granule product, preventing the user from ever having to buy cat litter again. The design truly is remarkable and automated; litter and pan are actually washed and sanitized.

The only problem with the CatGenie is its complexity of installation. It requires an electrical and cold-water supply hookup. This need naturally may dictate the unit’s location in many homes. Professional services may also be needed in some cases. However, those who have bought and employed the unit consistently give the absolute best regards as to their satisfaction.

Omega Paw

The Omega Paw comes also appears in our search for the best box. The Omega Paw features a detachable cover, effective dust and odor control, and an intuitive, effective dump system. Litter dumping is performed by easily rolling the unit onto its side and emptying the discard drawer.

The advantages to this unit come in the form of always-effective operation, a low price-point at around $50, and a positive customer review base that is quite impeccable. But do keep in mind, although the unit is marketed as a fully automatic unit, the user is required to roll the container to one side in order to achieve the effect. However, this is very easily performed, highly effective, and a very customer-heralded design.


The Scoopfree, by Brilliant Pet, is yet another top performer in our review. The open Scoopfree offers near-flawless operation of a rake and crystal litter combination. Odor control is tops because of the crystals, but they are more expensive than traditional litter. There is also no dust.

The system works by raking dirty litter down to a disposable discard tray. This tray is relatively inexpensive to replace and can last up to 30 days for one cat. An added convenience is the ability to obtain the unit in a smaller single-cat or larger multi-cat design. All-in-all the Scoopfree is a sound choice.

PetSafe Simply Clean

PetSafe’s Simply Clean operates by a slow, continuous filtering system that drops dirty litter discards into any plastic bag you would like to use. The fact that you can use any plastic bag and any clumping cat litter means for very inexpensive operation.

The Scoopfree’s initial cost is very affordable. It is also virtually dust-free, very quiet, and very safe, with no exposed, moving parts. The only drawback to this unit is an occasional jam. However, in case of such a jam, remedy is usually fairly simple.

These are our findings in our quest for the very best automatic box. And while there is a clear winner, any of these five models is a great choice. Which one will be your choice for your kitty-cat’s new, state-of-the-art, self-maintaining restroom?

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