Best Cat Shelves

If your cat is a house cat and doesn’t spend much time outside, they won’t get a chance to engage in one of a favourite cat pastime – climbing.  This can have a negative effect on your furniture and other household items because they may decide to quell the urge on the living room curtains or up the side of the new wardrobe.  Often when people have the space, they will invest in a good cat perch that can offer a range of platforms and scratching posts.  But what do you do if you don’t have enough room for one of these sizeable pieces?

SmartCat Multi-Level Cat ClimberCreative Connectors Trio 2 Floating Wall Shelf (Walnut)Double Kitty Shelf

The answer can be cat shelves.  No, not somewhere to store your cat like it was an ornament but specially designed shelves for your cat to climb on, jump between and have an artful nap on.  There is a wide range of different ideas in the cat shelves department so there is something to suit any house.  Here are a few ideas.

Use the door

Every house has at least one internal door and this can be utilised to make a perfect multi-level play area for the puss.  The SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber works by using a spring loaded bracket system to attack it to the door, which also means it can be moved to different locations if you move.  It will fit on any door between 79 – 82 inches and is great for scratching, climbing and sleeping.  The central pillar is covered in natural sisal to act as a scratching post and the system is easy to assemble.

Use the wall

Again, every house has a wall or two (well at least four usually!) and clearing a little space on them can be all that is needed to use floating wall shelves.  One example of these is the Creative Connectors Trio 2 Floating Wall Shelf (Walnut)that feature a three-tiered shelf 31 inches by 14 inches by 6.7 inches, able to hold up to 30lbs weight.  The set comes as three shelves and two uprights as well as the mounting equipment for easy installation and is made from scratch resistant melamine finish that is also water resistant.  Plus, to keep the look of your room, the wall mounting system is hidden while securing safely to the wall.

Cat Shelves

Cats love to jump up somewhere, have a good knead and then have a snooze and a window shelf is an ideal place for them to do all three.  The Double Kitty Shelf can support cats up to 20lbs and attaches to a window without the use of nails or screws that will leave permanent marks.  It has a 100% washable cover made from polyester and acrylic and is simple to assemble.  It measures 24 inches long and 12 inches wide.

Why up high?

People often wonder why cats have this urge to be at high as possible in a room, say on the wardrobe, the kitchen units or the top of a bookshelf.  There are several reason thought to be behind it, most of which comes from instincts in place before the cat was a domesticated animal.  The main reason is safety – if you are high, up you can see any approaching danger and it is harder for predators to get you.  We don’t tend to think of cats as prey, more as the predator, but in the wild, cats could be attacked by wild dogs, bears and any other larger predators.  Their natural reflexes make climbing up things simple for them and is a great way to avoid being caught.

In the domesticated cat, experts often say that they also seek high spots because it tends to be the warmest part of any room.  Warm air rises, cool air falls so the higher you are, the warmer it is and we all know cats like to be warm.