Best Cat Wall Shelves

Cat condos and trees give indoor felines a workout as well as a place to hang out. However, these contraptions consume a lot of space. Even smaller versions can take up an entire corner of a room. So what’s the solution if you want to give your cat the opportunity to climb, but can’t fit in a traditional tower? Let her climb the walls! Cat wall shelves are an attractive and creative alternative to big, bulky condos.

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Born to Climb

The quintessential cat scenario is it gets stuck up in a tree and the fire department has to be called to the rescue. Of course, the chance of this happening to your indoor cat is virtually nonexistent; however, that does negate the fact that cats simply love to climb. Have you ever caught him on your counters or on top of a bookcase?

The most basic reason why cats try to get as high as possible harkens back to the day when they had to avoid predators in the wild. From a high vantage point, felines could survey their surroundings from a safe distance.

Well, that instinct has been passed down and domestic cats still appreciate sitting on high. From the top of the room they can see what other cats are doing or stay safely out of the way of young children.

Indoor cats also tend to have thinner coats, and therefore, may seek out hot spots. Because heat rises, that means cats go vertical. Or they may climb to a location near an air duct through which hot air is pumped out.

With cat wall shelves, you can direct your pet to her favorite spots while keeping her off your furniture. Unlike cat condos or towers that come with a predetermined design, these shelves let you tap into your creativity. Arrange them in any order, from a stair-like stagger to a maze configuration that is a bit more challenging and entertaining for your pet, and it looks like an original piece of art.

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Urban Pet Haus Wave Wall Mounted Cat Perch, Large

Sleek curves add an element of artistic design—your pet can comfortably sit in the dip or lie on top of the curve. Kitty will appreciate the soft felt padding and humans will appreciate the dark wood engineered finish.


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The Refined Feline Cat Cloud Cat Shelves in Off-White, Left Facing

Once mounted on the wall, these dual shelves look as if they are floating, and offer cats plenty of space to get comfy. Even bigger pets can make use of the shelves because they can hold up to 70 pounds each. The pads attach and release with magnetic bottoms.


Budget Choice

Harmony Basic Loft Cat Shelf in Espresso, 14″ L X 17″ W X 1″ H

This cat shelf fulfills its purpose without any frills. It comes with all the necessary hardware and is easy to install. The finished product will hide the support brackets, resulting it a clean look.