Best Flushable Litter

Cats are wonderful pets and companions, great fun to watch in their antics and loving and affectionate with their humans.  But they often need the use of an indoor ƒ box, especially if they are a house cat, and this side of things isn’t so pleasant!

Flushable  litter is a necessary evil of having cats and can create a real problem with the build-up of foul smelling rubbish it generates.  However recent developments have seen the introduction of flushable litter that is safe to flush down the toilet and saves the build-up of smelly used litter.  It is also viewed as an environmentally friendly option as it isn’t creating extra rubbish at landfill sights that is hard to degrade naturally.

Flushable Litter

It is the make up of the litter that allows it to be flushable.  This is because it is made from a special clay that doesn’t cause problems through plumbing and also a special agent to make the litter clump together.  All of this means it can travel through the sewage system in a manner like normal waste and avoids it going near your waste bins.

Some of the versions available also include a no odor feature to help cut down on those equally undesirable odours, while others use natural chemicals to attract the cats to them.  One such example of this is the Ultra Pet Better Way Flushable Litter, 12-Pound Containers (Pack of 3).  This uses a natural cat attractant to persuade them to use the litter tray but not one that includes any sex pheromones, which can cause other problems.  This litter is soft on the paws and great for kittens training to use the box.  The recommended depth is around 3-4 inches in the bottom and to completely clean and sanitise the box every month.


Another element to many of the flushable litters are that they are made from substances that are biodegradable in their own right.  One example of this is the Swheat Scoop Multi Cat Natural Wheat Litter, 14-Pound Bag that is clumping and scoopable as well as being biodegradable and can be flushed.  It is made from ground wheat, so is a natural product that can help avoid allergies in your pet as well.

Similarly, the Nature’s Miracle Just for Cats Corn Cob Litter is another made from 100% natural materials such as yucca extract which is ideal for controlling cat odors.  It is super absorbent and very lightweight plus it can be purchased in 10-pound bags or also larger 18-pound bags.

YESTERDAY’S NEWS PRODUCTS 702315 Softer Texture Fresh Scent, 26.4-Pound is 100% natural materials in its composition and adds the benefit of being 99.7% dust free so if your cat suffers from allergies, this will help combat this.  It is also highly absorbent, has a mild scent to help combat cat odours and also comes in recyclable packaging so even this is good for the environment.  It works by imitating clay but uses natural materials that gently attract the cats to use the tray.

Other problems

Allergies are another problem that can complicate the selection of which is the best flushable litter for your household.  Some cats can suffer badly with a dust allergy, so a litter that has a high dust free percentage is the best option.  One such litter is the Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Litter, which is 99.9% dust free and hypoallergenic.  It is made from natural substances and is hard clumping for ease of flushing through interior plumbing.

ProductOdor FreeOther BenefitsRatingPrice
Ultra Pet Better Way Flushable Cat Litter, 12-Pound Containers (Pack of 3)
NoAttractant3.8 / 5$$$
Swheat Scoop Multi Cat Natural Wheat Cat Litter, 14 Pound BagYesBiodegradable3.8 / 5$$
Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter, 40 pound bagYesDust Free4.3 / 5$$
YESTERDAY'S NEWS PRODUCTS 702315 Softer Texture Fresh Scent Cat Litter, 26.4-PoundYesBiodegradable, Dust Free4.5 / 5$$
Nature's Miracle Just for Cats Corn Cob Cat Litter, 18-PoundYesBiodegradable3.8 / 5$

Flushable Litter

While the cat box is definitely the least enjoyable part of having a cat in your home, there are plenty of ways to make this as inoffensive as possible.  There are plenty of options, a glimpse here we have given, to be able to dispose of the waste through the toilet instead of the dustbin and many of these litters also offer other benefits.  Top among these can be that the litter is biodegradable so that either way you dispose of it, it won’t damage the environment.  The other main benefit is dust-free so great for those suffering from allergies, be it you or your cat!