Blue Cat Food

Since 2010, Blue Buffalo and Petco have joined forces every May to honor Pet Cancer Awareness Month, and this year, the partners surpassed their goal of raising $2 million. For each bag of BLUE dog or cat food sold at participating Petco stores, Blue Buffalo donated $1 to the Blue Buffalo Foundation for Cancer Research. By month’s end, the businesses raised $2.4 million, bringing the five-year total to more than $7 million.

Pet health has been at the crux of the dog and cat food company since its creation in 2002. Bill and Jackie Bishop have always been ardent pet parents, including to Blue. The Airedale faced a litany of health complications, including three incidents of cancer. In their commitment to providing Blue with the best care, the Bishops founded Blue Buffalo, based in Wilton, Conn. According to the corporation’s website, the couple was inspired to help others who were dealing with illnesses in their furry family members by creating natural food formulas to “nourish our companions.”

The Inspiration

The base of each BLUE cat food formula is realness—real chicken, real lamb or real fish. From there, whole grains and fresh vegetables and fruits are added to balance out your kitty’s diet—actually not that much different from what nutritionists recommend humans eat on a regular basis.

Although other brands also rely on natural ingredients in their recipes, BLUE has created the exclusive LifeSource Bits. These are a combination of necessary vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, because sometimes healthy foods on their own just aren’t enough. LifeSource Bits work to maintain an oxidative balance.

Never heard of an oxidative balance? Not too surprising, but it’s an important part to your pet’s well-being. Oxidative balance involves free radicals, which are compounds known to alter cells and cause oxidation, another cell-altering activity. When there’s an excess of free radicals, then your cat may be more vulnerable to disease and illness. BLUE foods help animals keep a proper balance of free radicals so their immune systems are ready to battle any ill-health issues that may arise.

The brand also claims to omit artificial preservatives, colors and flavors. Nor do any of its formulas contain poultry byproducts, corn, wheat or soy, the last of which have been tied to allergies in some animals.

Everyone Benefits

Because the Bishops had to witness their beloved Blue deal with so many health problems, they wanted to ease other families’ heartache. A year after establishing the company, they created the Blue Buffalo Foundation for Cancer Research, a nonprofit organization to fund research into preventing and treating dog and cat cancers. According to the Morris Animal Foundation, cancer is the No. 1 disease-related death for dogs and cats.

Not only does the Foundation put money behind research efforts, but it also provides pet parent education regarding early warning signs for cancer in their four-legged loved ones.

Blue Buffalo Indoor Cat Dry Food, Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe, 15-Pound Bag

If your kitty likes the comfort of the couch instead of the excitement of the prowl, then undoubtedly he’s an indoor guy. When cats are kept inside, they could become overweight due to a lack of activity, which may lead to health problems. In that case, it becomes even more important to watch what and how much he eats. This Blue Buffalo recipe is specifically formulated for indoor cats to get the necessary nutrition without the unnecessary calories. The dry food contains chicken and brown rice along with the company’s LifeSource Bits, which have been boosted with a Super 7 package of antioxidant-rich ingredients: apples, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, pomegranate, pumpkin and spinach.


Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Formula for Adults Dry Cat Food, 15-Pound

A healthy diet is always important, but for some cats, dietary needs go beyond just requiring certain nutrients. Some felines may appear finicky about their food, but that behavior may be more about dealing with a sensitive tummy than about attitude problems. Just like humans experience upset stomachs, so can cats, and if that’s your pet, then you want to avoid possible triggers. This dry food is specifically crafted to reduce potential discomfort while delivering essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.