Cat Litter Box Furniture

As a cat owner, you have a lot of love and affection for your furry friend. Some people say that cats can be quite distant, but you know that’s not really true. Your feline friend loves to snuggle up with you, and you just want what is best for him or her. Cat furniture is an excellent way to add class to your home and to keep your pet happy.

What is Cat Furniture?

Since you have a cat or two, you know all about cat boxes. To keep your friend happy and clean, you are frequently scooping and dumping the litter. However, you do not love the site of the box in the middle of your house. Fortunately, with speciality designed furniture, you do not have to worry about this issue. Basically, the unit looks like a piece of furniture and acts like one, but it has space for a box inside.

Form and Function

When you purchase a piece of furniture, you don’t want it to just look like a pretty piece in the house. You’re spending money, so you want it to actually do something. Fortunately, that is possible. For example, let’s take a cabinet structure. Even if the interior is filled with the box, the rest can act as a welcoming piece in the front foyer of your house. You could use it as a nightstand or a place to put down your favorite books.

Great for Small Spaces

People who are living in smaller spaces, be it an apartment, condo or little house, usually do not want cat pans all over the place. In fact, they don’t really have the room for this type of setup. While cleaning the cat pan is something that good cat owners do on a daily basis, it can still smell. They also do not like the sight of the boxes, especially when they are entertaining guests. You get to have a two-in-one deal when you select a box that can also act as a type of furniture.

For One Floor Living Spaces

Now, perhaps you do not live in a tiny space, but you have only one floor. This means that you may have a large kitchen, living room, dining room and bedroom area, but you do not necessarily have any place to put the boxes. Some people will place them in an upstairs loft area, or they will put them down in the basement. Once again, the visual and aesthetic factor comes into play. You do not have to compromise on your furniture, but you can also have a great place for your cat to use the restroom.

Not Letting Cats Outside

Sometimes, when people are faced with space issues or other problems with traditional boxes, they try to come up with alternative solutions. Their solution might be to let the cat go outside to use the bathroom. Sure, fresh air can be good for the cat, but outdoor cats simply do not tend to live as long. These pieces of furniture keep you away from this idea.

The Styles That Are Available

You might be thinking that you do not want this type of box. After all, you recently saw one at a friend’s house, and you just did not like how it looked. Fortunately, more than one style is available. Some of them can work well in the living room as a spot for extra storage. Others will look beautiful in the bedroom. You also have an array of different colors and materials from which to choose. No matter what type of furniture and decor you have, you can find one of these boxes to work well with the space.

The Models to Buy

So many different models exist because this is becoming a fairly popular idea. You really need to see what is going to make sense for your home and which one you like best. Some of the top ranked models on Amazon are the Pet Studio MDF Cat Cabinet, Good Pet Stuff Hidden Box and Designer Catbox Enclosure in Espresso. Reading through the reviews carefully is important. You want to ensure that you are selecting one with the appropriate measurements and in the color that you want. When you are interested in this type of cat litter box furniture, you should really look into all of the different options. Creating a lovely space for your cat is a quality that you need to be the best cat owner you can be.