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Cat Scratcher Meow Mommy

Read this if your cat has claws!!

The Meow Mommy Cat Scratcher

by Pamela Rockhill

You’ve got the best cat litter box on the market, now you need the best scratcher too!

The Meow Mommy Cat Scratcher is made BY cat lovers, FOR cat lovers – and it really shows!

Your furry sidekick will love stretching out on this heavy-duty corrugated scratcher.


Dear Cat Parents,

We LOVE our kitties, but let’s face it – nobody loves a shredded couch.

The thing is, scratching is not only a natural and normal behavior for cats, but it’s actually a very necessary and healthy practice. By scratching, cats are not only able to stretch and flex their whole bodies (who doesn’t love that feeling?), but it’s also how they keep their claws conditioned and healthy by removing dead cells that build up on the outer layers.

So cats have claws, and they need to scratch, but that doesn’t help our furniture! We at the Meow Mommy are deeply opposed to the practice of declawing, and were getting tired of going through scratcher after scratcher because they couldn’t stand up to the needs of our two furry boys; so we decided to take matters into our own hands. After months of research (aka trying out a ton of designs to find something that both little Gremlin AND big John Oliver liked and wouldn’t destroy), we finally had our design! The wave shape of The Meow Mommy scratcher is perfect for cats of all sizes, but more importantly, lets your cat still achieve that full body stretch that’s so important.

“But my cat is picky and doesn’t like laying on anything that’s not flat…”

That’s ok! We thought of you particular kitties, and made it so the whole scratcher can be flipped over and used flat!


The other big thing we focused on in our design was durability. Though cats can be amazingly agile and light on their feet, we all know that when it comes to scratching, the words “delicate” and ‘gentle” don’t really apply. That’s why we made our awesome scratcher out of heavy-duty, super dense, corrugated cardboard that’s a solid 3” thick. That extra cardboard means The Meow Mommy scratcher is going to last way longer than thinner scratchers, and that saves you time and money in replacements!


When your scratcher does (finally) need replacement though, you can feel good about letting it go back into the environment, because The Meow Mommy scratcher is not only 100% recyclable, but it’s compostable too!


So whether you’re a meow mommy, or meow daddy, we guarantee your cat babies will love this scratcher as much as ours do. In fact, we’re so sure it will be a hit, we’re putting our money where our whiskers are! If your cat doesn’t LOVE their new scratcher (which they will…we promise), just send it back for a FULL refund.

…but we don’t really think that will be happening! Our kitties love this scratcher, and so do SO many others. Just check out our stellar reviews on Amazon!


Wow…my 2 cats just love it…I like that it is thick and durable as they are giving it a great workout. Love it♥ -Rose B.


All three of my cats LOVE this scratcher! I should have gotten more since they are constantly chasing each other off of it. It’s sturdy and at 3″ thick they won’t be destroying it anytime soon. I love that it can be recycled after they destroy it and that it’s sturdily assembled and arrived right in time! It comes with a bag of very finely ground catnip which I sprinkled on the scratcher. Now comes my only complaint, I noticed when one of the cats moved the scratcher the catnip had gone through the spaces between the cardboard and onto the floor. Maybe the bottom should have been solid to prevent that, but then we wouldn’t be able to flip it over when/if one side begins to wear down. Not a big deal since 2 of the cats and the dog love catnip and cleaned it up right away. Regardless the cats are leaving the furniture alone and when one of them isn’t scratching it, then one of them are laying on it and purring like the happiest kitties in the world!! I will update in a few months to see if their love affair lasts and if the scratcher holds up well. So far though this meow mommy loves seeing her fuzzy children so happy! –Coop S.


This is a Great product! Came quickly and our cat loves to use it. Highly recommended to anyone who loves their cat(s). – Laura B.


Of course I have six cats and all of them haven’t had a turn yet but the ones that have love it! Anything to help save your furniture!!! –Robin Jean



Order your Meow Mommy cat scratcher today by clicking here:


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Sprinkle on a little catnip (which we will send with your scratcher!), and say goodbye to tattered armrests forever!


Happy scratching!


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