Cat Trees For Sale

A Feline companion is a peculiar animal. They love to play with and be around their owners, but they also like to have alone time. They like to lie around and relax sometimes and other times they are like a child who can’t sit still. Cats are a complex pet that have strong personalities. This does not describe all cats; obviously everyone’s cats are different.

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But in a lot of ways understanding cats  is like trying to figure out the female mind. There are some things though that you can purchase for and you don’t have to understand them to know they will like it. Some of the trees for sale are one of those things. Here are some trees that are for sale and that your cat might like.

Basic Trees

A basic tree will have a couple levels for a cat to move about on, like a tree, an area for them to hide, and maybe a couple little swat toys. A thirty-six inch Deluxe Cat Tree by Best Choice Products is a great example of a basic and well equipped model for someone looking to stay on a budget. This model has three scratching posts to put claws into instead of furniture. There is a small condo on the first level and a tunnel on the second for your cat to hide out in. There are also two platforms for your cat to just sit and watch every one from or run up and down.

Multiple Levels

For a step up from the basic tree, you might consider the sixty-seven inch Pet Condo by Go Pet Club. This  tree has multiple scratching posts on each level made with sisal rope. There are five levels to the tree, with three being platforms and the other two little condos. There is also a plush mouse toy to swat at. The Pet Condo comes in a brown and beige color scheme that would not look bad in anyone’s house wherever you put it.

Huge Trees

If you want to completely spoil your cat then the Go Pet Club Huge  Treeis probably what you are looking for. It has scratching post all the way up the tree. The Huge Tree has three different condos all on different levels with ladders attaching them. This tree also has three baskets for you cat to lounge in. Then there are the platforms to play on and ropes to play with in addition to everything else. This is so big that it would work for a home with multiple cats and they wouldn’t be a bother to one another.


A cat would enjoy any of these trees; running up and down, hiding in a tunnel, playing with the toys suspended, or just relaxing and watching the family on a platform. The one thing you might want to check though so that you will enjoy having a  tree too, is measuring your space to make sure which ever tree you choose will fit nicely. You will also need to check the size of your budget. These trees range in price from forty-eight dollars to one hundred and twenty-six dollars. You can keep trying to figure a cat out or can watch a cat have a blast on a cat tree and not worry about it. I think it is a pretty easy decision.