Cat Water Drinking Fountain Reviews

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By Greg Greenwald

Benefits Of Owning A Cat Water Fountain

There’s a number of reasons while you can benefit from fountain for your beloved meow. Let’s review some of those:

  • There simple to setup and easy to use. Each one that we’ve personally tried we had up and running within minutes out of the box. They typically assemble quite easily. Many of them have special options for the type of water stream or waterfall they can produce.
  • They are remarkable for anyone who travels. It keeps an ample amount of fresh water (also see automatic cat feeders) available for your cat while your away. Depending on the size (most are fairly sizable) your assured your cat will have plenty of water available.
  • Great for finicky cats. Some cats simply won’t drink water out of a bowl or not enough. We’ve experienced this with our own pets, one in particular with a kidney disorder who just wouldn’t drink at all out of his bowl. Just like humans, drinking lots of water is important to their health. The cat drinking fountain makes it interesting and more natural for them to drink from so the end result is they drink more.
  • You don’t waste as much water.
  • Saves time. More quality time for you to spend with your meow.

Do They Filter The Water?

Yes, most do have replaceable filter units. If you already have filtered water such a reverse osmosis (RO) system it may not be necessary. If you are on city or well water using the filters would be suggested.

How Much Do They Cost?

Prices range between $25 and $80 dollars. The type of material that’s used in the product (ex. plastic vs. ceramic) make a big different in the price. If you can budget for it we personally prefer the ceramic or stainless steel however it’s somewhat of a personal choice. We’ve used just about every material variation and like ones that clean easy and are accumulate less germs.

High-End Economical Budget

What If The Power Goes Out? 

Water will still be available, it just won’t stream. You can however purchase a third party battery backup to run you unit for hours in the case the power goes out. This can be really important if you have a special cat that will not drink from anything other than the stream. A reasonably inexpensive battery backup will do the job just fine as the cat water fountain doesn’t draw much current.

Does It Work Well In A Multi-Cat Household?

Typically yes. In the case you have a multi-cat household that won’t drink from the same dish there are versions of the cat drinking fountain that has dual sides. You won’t know for sure if this will be a solution until you try it. The return policy is very easy. In a worst case scenario you could purchase two however we’ve found that to be a rare occurrence.

Having a cat water fountain coupled with an automatic cat feeder can really make things simple for you and your cat. Please post any questions you may have.