Cheap Cat Trees Your Pet Will Love

One of the very best things you can add to your home is a cat tree. We’ve had a cat tree in out home for 20 years and I can tell you it is by far the #1 investment we’ve ever made. I can’t even imagine the number of hours (thousands) our meows have enjoyed it! Cat tress come in all shapes and sizes and all different price ranges from cheap to very expensive. We’re going to focus on the bread-and-butter price range of trees that are quite affordable for most people and answer a few questions.

If I have More Than One Cat Do I Need More Than One Cat Tree?

Typically not, especially if the tree you purchase is a good size with multi levels. One of the things we’ve noticed is the cats really enjoy getting on the tree together and playing. If you haven’t figured out which of your cats (if you are in a multi-cat household) is the Alpha cat you will now, it’ll be the one that gets on the top level. Our cat tree is placed near a couch in the middle of the room. Doing this allows them to get a running head start, bounce on the couch and then leap on the tree. It’s like watching olympic cat gymnastics everyday.

How Much Do They Cost? 

They run anywhere from $40 dollars to $200 dollars. If your on a tight budget there are cheap cat trees that run from $40-$70. The medium is around $125-$150 dollars which you can find some really nice quality ones for that.

How Do I Clean Them?

Cat trees are easy to clean. Simply vacuum! From time to time if your cat happens to vomit then typically cleaning with warm water and paper towels will do the trick, otherwise you can try the same treatment you’d do to your carpet.

Should I Get One With Toys?

That’s really a personal preference. We’ve had experience with a lot of cats and trees and have found most cats just like to enjoy the tree. Many times the toys will end up getting broke off anyway. What we like to do is put some of their favorite toys on the tree so they will “find” them and play. This is things like ribbons, mice, etc. Overall they really just enjoy being perched on the tree and watching whats going on, that is when they aren’t’t sleeping on it!

Trees In The $40 – $100 Dollar Range:

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Trees In The $100 Dollar Plus Range:

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We hope that you’ve found this review useful. If you have any questions please drop us a lineWhen you’ve received your new cat tree please come back and post your experience.