Clever Cat Litter Box Reviews

Clever Cat Litter Boxes: Pros and Cons

Ever since cats came indoors to stay, their devoted human caretakers have been trying to devise a way to keep the litter inside the litter box. One of the more patience-trying habits of our beloved felines is their unfortunate ability to track litter throughout the house. There are dozens of different litter boxes on the market whose parent companies claim that they are able to ease this most inconvenient chore of cat ownership. Let’s look at the pros and cons of one such box, the Clever Cat litter box.

Customer Reviews

For the most part, Clever Cat litter box reviews are overwhelmingly positive. On alone, out of 620 total reviews, it has received over 500 four and five star ratings. Most people who have bought a Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox seemed genuinely pleased with its design and say that it functions as advertised. Others, however, seemed genuinely disappointed because it did not perform as advertised.

The Good

Some of the positive aspects, according to Clever Cat litter box reviews found on various websites, do indeed coincide with the manufacturer’s claims. For example, the company claims that their litter box lessens odor, reduces litter tracking, and is easy to clean. Positive reviews from happy customers reflect that these claims are founded. Most customers also seemed happy with the privacy the Clever Cat afforded their pet. The box has high sides that make it possible for “diggers” to really enjoy themselves, reviewers stated. Animal lovers who keep both feline and canine friends in the home appreciated that the lid kept their household dogs out of the litter and waste. Despite the company winning two editors choice awards and a pinnacle award, however, very few reviewers mentioned that the box was an “award-winning design.”

The Bad

There are fewer negative Clever Cat litter box reviews to be found but those that do exist bring up possible issues that deserve consideration. Some reviewers found that their cats were able to bypass the corrugated surface of the lid, which is supposed to trap the litter from the cat’s paws, and that it still wound up being tracked outside the box. Owners of larger cats, such as Maine Coons, tended to claim that their cats did not seem comfortable in the Clever Cat box, or just did not like it. The main issue that caused people to give negative Clever Cat litter box reviews was its cost. Unhappy customers found the $30, or more, price tag to be exorbitant for what one reviewer called, “a glorified storage bin. ” Indeed, a reviewer whose pet refused to use the Clever Cat litter box decided to use it as a storage bin for kindling instead. Other complaints about the litter box’s design were noted. The Clever Cat litter box comes in only one color, a neutral gray, and one size which, despite the company’s claims, may be difficult for senior or injured cats to jump in and out of. Reviewers seemed generally unimpressed with the liners that are sold separately, mainly due to the extra expense, but also because the liner material was deemed flimsy. Due to the cost and material concerns, many reviewers mentioned using regular store-bought trash can liners instead, and were much more pleased with the results.

The Fundamentals 

The Clever Cat litter box is made in the United States of America of domestic and Canadian heavy, seamless plastic. The lid, which is removable, has raised corrugations on it that are intended to remove litter from a cat’s paws, and it also has a 9 inch diameter entrance hole in it. Cat owners can use their preferred litter in this box, but most reviewers found that hard clumping litter worked best. Prices for the Clever Cat litter box range from $30-$40. The company also sells liners for it in multiples of 10, starting at around $10 per box making the cost per liner about a dollar apiece.

A look at the positive reviews for the Clever Cat will show that the cost is not so high enough that it keeps people from purchasing one, or more in some cases, and loving it. The positive reviews outnumber the negative for a reason. People seem to be truly pleased with the Clever Cat’s design, durability, and the way it lives up to the customer’s expectations.

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