IRIS Open-Top Litter Box Reviews


IRIS Open-top litter box reviews

With so many cat owners out there, finding the right litter box can be quite challenging and stressful. Certainly, different cats require different features from their litter box. As any cat owner can attest to, no litter box is one-size-fits-all. Many cat owners have begrudgingly grown accustomed to the outmoded litter pans that do nothing but provide cats with opportunities to make more messes. Some newer types of litter boxes include covers that IRIS Open-Top Cat Litter Box Reviewspromise a mess-free experience for both owners and cats. These, however, often sacrifice a cat’s needs since he or she can experience great discomfort in such confining quarters. Thankfully, there is a great solution to the former litter box problems: high-walled litter boxes. These innovative litter boxes offer cats the freedom and space they need for nature’s call while also thwarting off any unwanted litter outside of the box. The IRIS Open-top Litter Box is a perfect example of shielded, high-walled litter box. It offers an easily removable top shield and a deep litter pan to prevent felines from wreaking havoc on the litter box’s surroundings – be that a small apartment bathroom, a corner of the laundry room, or a discrete area on the back patio.

The IRIS Open-top Litter Box is an inexpensive buy, usually running between 10 and 20 dollars. Included with the purchase is a convenient litter scoop that attaches anywhere on the litter box for easy storage. This is a plus for owners that have trouble finding a good storage spot for a dirty, smelly litter scoop – especially at such a low cost. The scoop is relatively small and helps owners reach those pesky corners of the litter box. IRIS Open-top Litter Box reviews claim that the litter box has easy assembly instructions, and that cats adapt to the new litter box smoothly.

Both single- and multiple-cat homes have witnessed the benefits of an open-top litter box. Along with an easy-access entry, this litter box has high walls on the sides and back. This prevents cats from spraying urine outside of the box, from flinging litter out of the box, and from missing the box altogether. It is great for cats that require both seclusion and open space when nature calls. The high walls are also great for cats that do their business in an upright position.

IRIS Open-top Litter Box Reviews

Many IRIS Open-top Litter Box reviews suggest that while the box is small enough for tight spaces, it is also large enough for most cat sizes and weights thanks to the open top. The top shield is also easily removable for quick clean-up. The entry way is not too tall so older cats and small kittens have no trouble getting in and out of the litter box. Because of these multiple benefits, the IRIS Open-top Litter Box suits the diverse needs of multiple-cat households. Nevertheless, these numerous advantages are not enough for some cat owners.

Not all of the IRIS Open-top Litter Box reviews are quite so favorable. Many consumers encounter problems with the product’s general design, including that the litter box and scoop are too small. Particularly, many buyers suggest that the entrance to the litter box is too low. Cats can end up kicking their litter out of the entrance, thus the high walls on the other three sides can become somewhat obsolete. Plus, this low entry does not fully prevent cats from missing the litter box completely. Some buyers say that the plastic is too flimsy and that the top shield pulls off too easily. According to a number of IRIS Open-top Litter Box reviews on Amazon, the top shield does not fully snap onto the litter pan. This causes problems for owners of cats that spray urine along the high walls. The urine can get caught in the crevices and cause more odor from the litter box. The litter box’s design is not ideal for homes that also have nosy, destructive dogs that can access the litter box and knock down shield.

This litter box is a great solution for many cat owners. Though it does not meet the needs of every owner, nor every cat, the IRIS Open-top Litter Box has a lot to offer. For the areas it falls short, some buyers suggest putting a mat down to reduce litter scattering. Others say a litter pan liner will help any difficulties with clean up. In general, however, the majority of cat owners realize that litter box management is not a guaranteed mess-free experience. Cat owners appreciate the design of this open-top litter box because it eliminates the majority of messes that cats create at the litter box. This litter box, like many others, is not one-size-fits-all and does not promise to be. It is extremely important for consumers to research and understand if this litter box, or any other litter box, is the right one for the job.

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