Litter Genie Review

Cat owners love their cats; few love the cats’ litter boxes. Even the most dedicated cat lover will tell you that cleaning a cat’s litter box can be a bit of a nightmare. The process is messy, and frankly, it stinks. As such, cat owners all over the world are constantly seeking for contraptions and gadgets to make cleaning the litter box easier.

The Litter Genie Cat Litter Disposal System is the newest of these products. Does it work, however? This Litter Genie review attempts to answer that question.

What is the Litter Genie?

The Litter Genie┬áis essentially a small garbage can for holding your cat’s used litter. What makes it different from your average garbage can, however, is that it seals in the litter clumps so that germs and odors are locked away between cleaning sessions.

The Litter Genie comes in two colors, white and silver, and includes a litter scoop that rests in a holder on the side of the pail. There is a carry handle on the back for moving the pail.


The list price of the Litter Genie is approximately $19.99. The bag dispenser cartridges are generally on sale for between $5.00 and $6.00 each.

How does it work?

The Litter Genie operates much like the “diaper genie” products that many new parents use. Each time you open the pail, only the top of the plastic bag is available, the rest being sealed shut by a handle. You scoop the dirty litter clumps into the top of the bag and then pull the handle. This opens the bag, causing the clumps to fall to the bottom. When you push the handle back in, the bag is sealed shut again.

Instead of regular plastic trash bags, the Litter Genie uses bag dispenser cartridges. The cartridge sits at the top of the pail and dispenses plastic that you pull to the bottom of the pail and knot closed. The plastic continues to dispense down until the bag reaches full capacity. At this point, you use the built-in safety cutter to cut the top of the plastic off and knot the bag shut. The bag is then ready to be removed and placed in the trash.

The Litter Genie Experience

According to the consensus of reviewers, the Litter Genie is a quality product. It has to date received an average of 4 1/2 out of 5 stars over the course of 556 reviews.

My husband and I purchased a Litter Genie for our own use several months ago. We have two cats, and we clean their boxes once daily. This Litter Genie review is based on our personal experience with the product. We found the Litter Genie to be a useful tool; however, we also noted some aspects that could be improved.


  • The most impressive feature of the Litter Genie is its ability to lock in odors. The Litter Genie ads promise odor control, and in this way the product delivered. When the Litter Genie is shut, there is little appreciable smell. It was definitely an improvement over the regular small garbage pail we had been using.
  • The Litter Genie is compact, and the carry handle makes it easy to move. The litter scoop holder on the side makes it a true all-in-one tool. These features make it great for cat owners who have litter boxes in more than one area of the house, as we do.
  • The plastic bag refill cartridges are advertised as lasting two months per cat, and we found this to be the case. Our refills last our two cats about five weeks. The plastic seems flimsy at first, and more than one Litter Genie review on Amazon says it breaks easily. We did not find this to be the case; however, we made sure to double knot the bottom of each bag.


  • The rim of the Litter Genie is fairly small. This makes the pail compact, but it also makes fitting larger amounts of litter in it a bit difficult. A Litter Genie review on Amazon claims this means you have to pull the handle more than once over the course of cleaning a box. This was not the case in our experience.
  • The cost of the Litter Genie cartridge refills can add up. The device itself is inexpensive, but with one cat you can count on spending at least $30 per year in refills alone.

Overall, as individuals who dread cleaning the cats’ boxes every day, my husband and I found the Litter Genie to be a useful product, and we were glad we made the purchase. Unfortunately, you pay for convenience, and this means that using the Litter Genie can get a bit pricey. So far, in our case, it is money we are willing to pay.