LitterBox for Small Apartment

By Amy Greenwald

If you live in a small space or apartment, you know what it’s like to disguise your furry friend’s tracks. Not just the tracks of kitty litter but the potentially smelly and unappealing litter box right there for everyone to see.  Finding a litterbox for small apartment is possible and you have more options than you might think.  Even some of the boxes look just like regular furniture!  These typically trap the dust and rocks in the box so you have very little evidence outside the box.

Here are some options to choose from when trying to find a litterbox for a small apartment or space:

Modkat – Modkat brand litter boxes have a sleek looking design with the kitty entering from the top. You can get bright shiny colors and it almost looks like a trash can.  The ModKat Litterbox for Small apartmentscoop can hang from the side so that might be a give-away. Since, it’s a vertical design; it will fit well into a corner.  Cats adapt easily to a top entry litterbox and think its fun.

Clevercat  Litter Box Top Entry – Another top entry box that looks more like a plastic storage tub when you leave it out. It’s also great for minimizing the flying litter all over the floor of your small space.  It’s plain and simple but at least you can’t see what your cat leaves behind.

Kitty A Go Go – This one is shiny and plastic like the Modkat but it looks more like a modern front entry playhouse.  Again, it’s disguising the litterbox for a small apartment.  It has a rounded tent shape so can still fit easily in a corner. Kitty A Go Go has some very cool designs like polka dot, Kitty A Go Goburlwood and just plain black.

Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litterbox – This is the one that looks like a tall, outdoor clay pot with a big leafy palm plant coming from the top.  Yes, it still has to have an opening for your cat. But you can potentially turn it around so that the opening is not so obvious.

Mr. Herzher’s  Jumbo Decorative Litter Pan Cover –  Looking like a big square wicker basket, you can place this one over a standard litterbox.  We think it’s another one that just looks like a playhouse for your favorite furry friend.  You might be able to put a cat bed on top of it to create the look of something else other than the litterbox.

Merry Products Pet House and Litter Box – If you didn’t know it, it looks like it could be a nightstand or end table and a beautiful piece of furniture.  The front opening is a clue but at least you can make this serve multiple purposes in your small space home. A regular box fits inside and the front acts like a door for you to get to your normal scooping duty. Depending on how you position it, you might even be able to hide the opening or make it less noticeable.


You can find even more that look like and can serve double duty as true furniture.  A wide variety is available along with a wide range of prices so don’t think you have to spend a fortune to get what you want in the look of a litterbox for a small apartment.


Check out the ASPCA website to learn more about other organizations that love animals. Merry Products

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