Modern Cat Furniture

Everybody needs a little personal space from time to time, including our feline friends. Cats want their own special spot where they can get away from little humans, canine companions, or even fellow cats.

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Modern cat furniture comes in a variety of styles, sizes, and uses. For example, a cat tree or tower allows kittens to indulge their instincts to climb. A condo provides a place to hide out, and window hammocks or perches make sunning time more comfortable.

Here’s a brief overview of each type of modern cat furniture and the benefits they offer your favorite felines.

Cat tree/tower

Cats like to climb as exercise and as a way to satisfy curiosity. If you don’t give them a place where it’s okay to do that, then they’ll find a place on their own, which could be your curtains or furniture meant for humans.

In homes with multiple cats, towers allow the animals to determine hierarchy. In a way it is like playing King of the Hill—the cat that claims the highest perch has displayed his or her dominance. However, if the tower is tall enough, there’s probably room for everyone.

Featured Product

Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 50W x 26L x 72H, Beige

There’s no way a cat will be bored with this multi-platform tree. He can choose to climb to the top of the 6-foot structure or settle in on a lower platform. Kitty can walk up the ladder or jump from level to level. Plenty of posts are available to satisfy the craving to scratch.

Cat condo

Shy cats desire privacy, but that doesn’t mean they want to hide away from all the action. If there was a covered space nearby, then your cat wouldn’t have to escape to another room every time guests arrive. A cat condo in the living room, for example, lets your cat have the security of an enclosed space, but still have a window onto what’s going on around him.

Featured Product

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo House, 18W x 17.5L x 28H Inches, Leopard

Let your little kitty feel like a big cat with this leopard-print condo structure. She can watch everything from the side openings or from the large front entrance. When she’s not hanging out in the condo, the cat can nap on the chaise-like platform or give herself a pedicure on the scratching bar.

Window hammock or perch

Who wouldn’t love to take a nap in a comfortable bed that’s bathed in sunlight? Cats love their naps and they love sunshine, and a window hammock or perch gives them those two loves in one. Freestanding perches slide up to the window while hammocks and perches attach to windowsills. Either way, your cat will thank you.

Featured Product

Soft Touch Luxurious Window Cat Napper

Measuring in at 25 x 16 inches, this window perch will hold most average-sized cats (up to 35 pounds). It’s designed to attach to most standard sills and the bed cover is machine washable.