Modkat Flip Top Litter Box

ModKat Flip Top Cat Litter Box

Modkat Flip Top Litter Box Review

One of the most difficult things for cat owners is dealing with the litter box day in and day out. Form the smell to tracking litter all over the place, there are a number of issues that can be a daily struggle. Wouldn’t it be great to have a litter box that makes the job easier rather than harder?  Well there is such a litter box! With the Modkat Flip Top litter box, you can enjoy your feline friend without all the hassle and worry that comes with regular litter boxes!

How does it work?

The Modkat Flip Top litter box was designed in such a way to allow your cat simply walk into the litter box through a specially design doorway at the front. They exit through the same opening. The special lining and formulation of litter makes it less likely that it will be tracked through the house when your cat exists.  The Flip Top lid can be flipped back for a completely open top design if your cat likes to jump in and for easier scooping duty. It can also be flipped halfway back so you can get the best of both worlds.  Privacy options for your cat and walls that keep the litter in.

Is this right for your cat?

The great thing about this litter box is that as long s your cat can step up over the small lip at the entrance, they can use the Modkat Flip Top litter box. The litter box design has been tested with many cats of different breeds and ages and has shown to be great for all cat types. It offers privacy for your cat and also helps keep litter and droppings inside as your cat digs and scratches.


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Where should this litter box be used?

This litter box can be used for new cats or any cat that has been living with you for some time. New cats should be given a quite and private area to use the box so they become accustomed to it slowly over time. Cats that you have had for a while can also use the box. Simple place the Modkat Flip Top litter box where their regular litter box has been so they know where to find the litter.

Is Modkat Flip Top good for every cat?

The great thing about the Modkat Flip Top litter box is that it is designed for all cat types. There is no jumping or climbing needed which makes this great for old and young cats or those that do not like the jump and climb very much.

Do I need separate litter boxes for each cat?

Usually it is recommended to have a separate litter box for each cat. Too many cats using one litter box can lead to fights and disputes over use. However, if your cats don’t mind sharing a box, they can share the Modkat Flip Top litter box, just remember that with every additional cat using the litter the more often it needs to be changed.

The Modkat Flip Top litter box is designed to take the hassle and the ewww out of changing the litter. No more worrying about odor or litter being tracked around the house. Take back control and cross off one thing you no longer have to worry about –  the cat litter box. The Modkat Flip Top makes it possible and you and your cat can get on with both of your lives- work and bills for you and sunbathing for your cat.


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