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ModKat Litterbox for Small apartment


One of the advantages in owning a cat as opposed to a canine companion is that they do not require physical exercise and activity through frequent daily walks or jogs. Kitties seem to find many ways to keep themselves ModCat Automatic Litter Boxphysically fit racing around your home but when it comes to the delicate matter of relieving itself, you need to provide a litter box that pleases your feline.

At one time, most cats were indoor and outdoor pets, doing most of their business in nature. In recent years, many cat owners have taken a stronger stand in keeping kitty a strictly-indoor pet. If left outdoors, most cats are expected to live only about 5 short years due to car accidents, animal attacks and the multitude of diseases spread among other sickly critters. Keeping your cat indoors will extend the life of your pet by at least 10 years.

There are many choices on the market but it is a matter of finding one that pleases the fussy, independent

Two Meows Grey Litter Mat

Two Meows Gray Litter Mat, A Great Addition To Reduce Litter Scatter and Tracking In Your Home.

nature in your kitty. One of the first litter was a simple litter pan easy to get in and out of, leaving a trail of litter all over the home. Since then, boxes included the typical pan in different depths, self-cleaning units, entries on top, side and front along with fancy styles that look like a piece of furniture or part of a flower pot, maybe not always functional but pleasing to the eye. It’s also very beneficial to include a litter mat to help reduce the amount of litter scatter tracked through your home.

An attractive newer specialty box is the ModKat litter box made by ModKo.

ModKat reviews reveal that many pet owners are extremely satisfied with this new style  for the family cat. The modern design was developed by ModKo out of Brooklyn with founders that have been in the industry for more than 15 years. The plans for this unit came to light while the founder of the company lay in bed one day trying to come up with the most modern, innovative litter box. The objective was to come up with a box that is attractive, functional, smart and easy to use as the founders have a passion for improving things people use daily. The ModKat has a design that can work well with a person’s décor while also being highly functional and comforting for the cat.

Some concerns according to ModKat  reviewers are that some cats may be hesitant initially in using the new  unit. It is the “rooftop access” which allows your cat complete privacy when doing its business. It is also a way to keep other animals like the family dog out of kitty’s private bathroom facility. To get a cat used to the box, try keeping the top part off until kitty gets a little comfortable using it. A suggestion by a customer review is to place a small flat cardboard box on top of the ModKat with litter in it to entice the cat to its use. After a few days of success with this process, remove the cardboard box and the cat should feel safe and comfortable with the new stylish unit.

The ModKat measures about 15 inches tall, 16 inches deep and 16 inches wide. The rooftop opening is 8.5 inches in diameter. The top has a lock-on design to work as a walk-off mat when the cat is done, while also preventing litter from leaving the box. Kitty can dig to its heart’s content without making a mess. While leaping out of the unit, most litter falls from the cat’s paws and the lid with its walk-off design grabs the rest in order to keep floors virtually litter-free. The lid is also designed with a hinge to swivel it open for cleaning purposes.

Another feature of the ModKat is the ergonomic scoop with brush that attaches to the unit for ease of scooping and cleaning. Additionally, reusable liners come with the unit initially and are also separately available, with handles to take out, change the litter and present a clean, sanitary condition for your cat. The liner is extra tall to fit the contour of the box and is made of a commercial-strength tarpaulin that is easy to clean, is waterproof and rip-resistant. ModKat reviews overwhelmingly proclaim that the biggest advantage in this unit is the ease of cleaning it, its attractive design and lack of litter all over the home as previously occurred with other litter boxes.  ModKat is available online at sites such as and other pet stores.

According to ModKat box reviews, there are very few cons in using the box. The only concerns are the ease in training a cat to use the box, along with larger cats fitting in the rooftop entry hole and some felt the unit to be too tall for their own kitties. Although most cats will feel safe, secure and comfortable in this private and stylish box, it is not recommended for cats with disabilities, those that are larger and the aging feline.