ModKat Litter Box

Modkat Litter Box

Modkat Review

One of the hardest things for cat owners to keep under control are litter box issues. Form the smell to tracking litter all over the place, there are a number of issues that can be a daily struggle. With more than one cat these issues can be even more of a handful. Fortunately, there is a new design in litter boxes that helps control many of these issues. With the Modkat litter box, you can enjoy your life without spending so much time focused on the litter box.

How does it work?

The Modkat litter box has a unique design that lets your cat simply jump onto the top of this one of a kind litter box and steps down into the litter tray area. They exit through the same opening. Gravity, as well as the tracking mats inside help keep litter from sticking to paws and can greatly reduce or even eliminate the litter that gets tracked around the house.

Is your cat a Modkat?

If your cat enjoys jumping and climbing and enjoys exploring and has a curious personality then they are likely good candidates for the Modkat. Modkat is 15 inches tall, offers a private and secure environment and is spacious enough for your cat to move freely. The litter box design has been tested with many cats of different breeds and ages. Cats are naturally curious creatures and this Modkat litter box is designed to make the most of the cat’s natural instincts.

 Where should the Modkat litter box be placed?

When you have a new cat it is usually best to place your Modkat Litter Box in a secluded and quiet location away from distractions, people, and noises. If you are introducing it to a cat who already has a litter box, put the Modkat in the same place so the cat is familiar with where to find it’s litter box. Modkat is designed to offer a quiet, secure environment that makes it easy for cats to adjust to.


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 Is Modkat good for every cat?

Modkat was designed for the average cat and was tested by cats of normal size, weight, and health. If your cat has trouble jumping or climbing, if they are overweight, if they are old, or if they are very young, then Modkat may not be the right choice for your cat.

 Do I need separate litter boxes for each cat?

Usually it is recommended that cats be allowed to use separate litter boxes. If too many cats have to use the same litter box area it can cause territorial fights and more accidents as the cat may not have access to the litter box when it needs it. However, if your cats don’t mind sharing a box, they can use the Modkat though no more than two or three cats should use the same box, and remember with more cats using it the litter will need to be changed more often.

 Is special littler involved?

No, the Modkat Litter Box does not need any sort of special litter. However, a clumping litter  is the most recommended and it is also a  good idea to try and use litter that is organic or all natural since it is better for the cat’s health as well as the health of the people in the home too.

The Modkat litter box is designed to make it easier than ever for your cat to go and to make it easier than ever for you to clean up. No more worrying about odor or litter being tracked around the house. Take the worry out of litter box duty with the Modkat litter box!