Natural Balance Cat Food

Natural Balance Cat Food is the brainchild of Dick Van Patten who founded the company in 1989 in Burbank, California, with the aim of providing pets and their owners the Food for a Lifetime.  What this means was that they create food for cats and dogs using scientific principles and nutritional information to provide premium food that was good for the animal.

Feline Nutrition

The first thing in understanding what your cat needs for his or her diet is that cats are carnivores and that they are very different from dogs.  If a human ate the ideal diet for a cat, they would be suffering from heart disease at the age of twenty.  And if a cat ate dog food all of the time, it could actually kill them.

There are pros and cons for both wet and dry food options but the important thing to remember is that there is no guarantee your cat will like the food you give it.  In fact, cats have been known to go on a hunger strike rather than eat food they find unpalatable.  Long term, these periods of not eating can cause problems for them such as liver failure.

The key to avoiding this is to find food your cat likes and then rotate between them.  We would get bored eating the same thing for every meal and so too will your cat.  If you find a new type of food for them to sample, try introducing it a little at a time to allow them adjust to it.  This also gives their stomach a chance to adjust should the food contain something they aren’t familiar with.  Cats can be allergic to ingredients in food just the same as humans can.

Natural Balance

Natural Balances food adhere to some of the main points that any vet will recommend about buying cat food.  These principles include that the protein comes from a named meat, poultry or fish source such as salmon, ocean fish, chicken or turkey.

When you look at the list of ingredients in the food, if you see mention of Taurine, this is an essential amino acid that cats needs so this is another beneficial ingredient.  Other vitamins and minerals that will help keep your cat healthy should be in the food too.

Natural Balance Dry Cat Food, Limited Ingredient Pea and Salmon Recipe, 10-Pound Bag

This is a high quality dry food that contains no artificial preservatives, flavours or colours.  Its two main ingredients are green peas, which are a quality carbohydrate that is rich in potassium and a great source of energy that is easily digestible and salmon.  Salmon is source of high quality protein that is not always used in cat foods.

Natural Balance Canned Cat Food, Ocean Fish Recipe, 24 x 6 Ounce Pack

This is a high quality tinned wet cat food that features no artificial colours or flavours or any bleached ingredients.  it contains a host of ingredients that are nutritious and good quality for your cat include ocean fish, turkey, chicken liver, tuna, salmon and carrots.

Dry or wet?

The option between wet food and dry food is often one that is a matter of the cat’s preference and what works well for you.  While wet food is generally said to be better for the cat because it has a higher water content and cats often don’t drink enough, dry food also has benefits.  It is ideal for cats who like the graze – have a bite of food then wander off and come back later for some more, because dry food can’t dry out.

Whatever food you are buying, keep an eye out for it being to the AAFCO’s standard for pet food and that it is Complete and Balanced, another of their standards.  Make sure that the protein source such as the meat and fish, as well as being named, is also the first item on the list of ingredients.  This means it is the main ingredient and that the food isn’t filled with something less nutritious first to make up the weight.

With dry food, also watch the levels of carbohydrates they contain.  While some such as peas are good for your cat, too much can cause stomach problems as they cannot digest it easily.