Need a Hidden Litter Box?

Hidden Litter Box

Cats are cute, fun and they are great low maintenance companions. Most people (and birds!) agree that keeping cats indoors for safety purposes is best; however, a big drawback for many would-be cat owners is the litter box. Let’s face it, no one really wants one – except, of course, the cat. Therein lies the dilemma: how to enjoy your indoor cat without offending your aesthetic sensibilities. The easy answer is a hidden litter box: the “hidden” part, however, can be tricky. Hide it too much, and kitty might not find it; might not like getting into it; or you might not like the contortions you have to go through to clean it. Accessibility for you and your cat is a must.

Placement is another issue; sometimes putting the litter box in the one convenient spot in your abode doesn’t work for the cat and if the cat is not happy with the litter box, nobody’s happy. And multiple cats mean multiple litter boxes, which leads to litter boxes in your utility room, your bedroom, possibly even your living room. You’ll want them to blend in.

Those plastic covered litter boxes are always an option – they now come in bright white instead of that drab non-color that seemed to be the industry standard for a long time. Affordability is the big plus here, but they do look like just what they are – a litter box. Never fear; there are several alternatives for a hidden litter box that will provide privacy and style.

One option is to attach fabric – curtains, if you will – to a table big enough to fit over the litter box. The fabric can be attached to the bottom of the table, and might even make the litter box more appealing to cats who like that hidden cave-like feeling. The fabric could be attached with Velcro and changed to match your decor. Here’s a tip: those small packages of painting drop cloths come in a tea-stained appearance, and they’re durable and very affordable.

If you’re up on simple woodworking you could construct a simple, three sided wooden cover for your hidden litter box. With two sides open, this would make it easy to extract the litter box for cleaning, simple for the cat to access, and like the curtained table described above, could be decorated to match the room.

Not up on simple woodworking? Then maybe a closet is the answer. Take the door off of a linen or coat closet, add some shelves and a curtain (maybe even a beaded curtain!) from the bottom shelf to the floor, decorate the upper shelves and voila! Not only a hidden litter box, but a neat built-in architectural detail for your home.

For another angle on the three sided box, consider the lowly pallet. Three pallets joined at the side and topped with painted or stained plywood could be a striking piece of furniture. Place your pallet-sideboard against a wall so it can be pulled out for cleaning, but here’s something to watch out for: fat cats might require removal of a slat!

Boxing in a nook or cranny (like that space under the stairs) might appeal to your kitty, but be sure and leave yourself enough room to get to the box for cleaning. We all know those cats who occasionally miss the box, so be sure you can reach the area on all sides. And, unless you are on immediate cleaning call twenty-four hours a day, trapped odors can build up fast.

If you’re not the do-it-yourself type, there are also some great hidden litter boxes¬†available for just about any decorating style. Cabinets – they’re not just for storage any more, they’re also for litter box hiding. You can even get one cleverly disguised as a potted plant. How’s that for ingenuity? If nothing here has tempted you, has an amazing selection: top entry boxes, a privacy tent, designer boxes or your cat’s very own washroom and night stand. By the way, if you feel the need for delicacy, refer to the litter box as a “cat washroom”. You can click here for other ¬†litter box furniture.

So, don’t fear the litter box – have fun with it. The great kitty litters, litter box liners and scoops that are available now help make the whole cleaning chore not so odious, and litter boxes as furniture and conversation pieces are interesting and fun. You might even find a fancy one that goes perfectly in your formal drawing room! After delving into the world of hidden litter boxes, you might just end up becoming a collector – and if you end up with an excess of litter boxes, well, you can always get another cat.

If your cat likes to hide watch this video on making your own cat tent.