Review Of Almost Invisible Cat Litter

In our house we’ve always used traditional clumping cat litter. For the past few years Fresh Step has been what’s worked best for our cats, Felix, Teddy and the last Rascal.

Then in August 2015 we were invited to try StovePipeCat’s Awesome ALMOST INVISIBLE Cat Liter. Before you wonder what or who the heck StovePipe is he’s the companies spokesperson cat, and a very cool one at that.

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Almost Invisible Cat Litter

Stovepipe is pretty unique that he travels everywhere, pet trade shows, errands, you name it. You can read more about this Internet sensation at their Facebook page

What’s unique about this product is it’s made from silica. For those of you that aren’t familiar silica makes up the mineral quartz and is the most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust. It’s the main component of most sand and is the primary ingredient in glass.

Silica by nature is extremely absorbent and isn’t as dusty. Combine these elements as a cat litter and you can begin to start seeing its advantages.

When we received the cat litter the first thing I noticed was its weight. From a density perspective and much lighter than clay based clumping litter.

That’s a nice thing when considering our litter boxes are located down stairs.

I’d imagine less people would throw their backs out in the shopping isles also.

The Beginning Of The Experimental Trial – Preparing The Box

The first thing we did was take our existing Two Meows litter box and convert it to the new litter. We have two cats and the rule of thumb is to have one litter box per cat plus one additional, preferably out of sight from the other two, so we converted one of our three.

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Back of Almost Invisible Cat Litter

I confess, all three of our litter boxes are in the same room and it’s worked out well so why change something the works.

I was careful when putting the litter into the box. The company said the only time you may encounter dust is when you initially pour it into the litter box. My experience was there was very, very limited dust. I did pour it in slowly.

The amount of recommended litter to start with is approximately 1 inch. We usually fill ours more so I was a bit hesitant however it worked out great.

The Wait And See Game

We’re never ones to advocate sudden changes to a cat’s environment (especially the toilet department) when it can be avoided. We felt we’d give the new configuration a week or two to see what happens.

For the first couple days, not much of anything. Then we started to notice where it was being used. Just your #1 activity, all the #2 business stayed in the clumping litter boxes.

This is sort of gross, but to actually give an honest review I had to do it. Yes, I stuck my nose down to into the box and took a big sniff. To my sheer amazement I didn’t smell a single bit of odor. I was blown away! Controls odor, check.

How The Litter Looks In The Two Meows Litter Box

How The Litter Looks In The Two Meows Litter Box

The cats never did start doing their #2 business in the box until I converted the remaining two. Personally, I just think they needed the little extra boost however I think if I had given it more time they would have naturally gravitated.

So here’s a list of the advantages of Almost Invisible Litter and our experience:

  • Doesn’t create nearly the dust as clay based litter, check! I saw a dramatic reduction in the amount of litter dust.
  • Less scooping, check! The only business you need to be concerned with scooping is the #2 business. Otherwise, depending on how many cats you have and usage you pour 1 inch in and it’ll last for a few weeks. Then, just dump all the litter into a trash bag and refill. It most definitely lasts longer than traditional clumping litter.
  • It’s super absorbent, check! It’s absolutely incredible how much this silica litter can absorb. The only way you can tell any difference it’s being used is you’ll start noticing it turning from a white color to a yellow color.
  • Superb odor control, check! I put my nose to the grindstone and can confirm it’s much less stinky, really no stinky. This is huge for people that live in small spaces and even big.
  • It’s less messy, check! There’s much less litter that comes out of the box. This is partially due to the different chemistry however it also has a lot to do with a uniqueness this product has that other competitors don’t, the way it’s cut. This well through out cut was designed so that less can stick to your cats paws.
  • It’s very light, check! I’m thinking just the convenience of not lugging around heavy boxes of litter is enough of a reason to switch.
  • Less scooping, check! You’re going to spend 90% less time scooping, Really!

So I’ve listed a lot of advantages, how about disadvantages?

Price, your going to pay what looks like on the surface 30-50% more per bag however you do have to take all the advantages I’ve listed into account. Since it lasts longer it’s really much more price comparable anyways.

It’s like going to the gas station and seeing ethanol 50 cents cheaper than unleaded. Seems like a better deal right, accept that it gets much less miles per gallon. Plus you have to stop more frequently to get gas. It’s the same concept here.

The other potential disadvantage is silica by nature is much harder than clay so it can be a little harder on your feet and toes and traditional rocks. Just take a little added precaution.


When you take into account all the benefits you can understand why 80% plus of those that try this amazing stuff never switch back.

It was the 2014 Pet Product News International Editors Choice winner.

We give this a huge paw’s up and are grateful for the opportunity the company gave us to give it a test drive.

To purchase this product visit

Thanks for reading.

Amy & Greg Greenwald

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