Top 10 Cat YouTube Videos

Anyone who lives with a cat will know that they are real characters, always up to some sort of mischief and interfering with everything you would rather they didn’t.  How many times as a cat owner do you say ‘Wish I had had my camera handy for that!’

Here are our top 10 cat YouTube videos showing a whole range of occasions when people really did have their camera or mobile phone handy to catch the insane antics of their pet.

A funny compilation of the crazy and funny things that cats get up to.

Hilarious compilation of the tricks that cats get up to supervised and unsupervised!

A collection of clips showing why cats always win the battle of wills over dogs – especially when it comes to where to sleep

Collection of the cutest, cleverest cats and what they get up to given a chance

Ever tried to bathe your cat?  Well here is one so taken with her warm bath she wouldn’t get out of it.

Some of the comical and downright painful positions that cats get themselves into when they are asleep – but not matter what the position, they always looks so cute!

Lots of cat owners talk to their cats and here’s some clips showing that not only do they listen but they actually talk back.

Most cats have their own distinctive way of letter their owner know that they want their attention – here is a collection of some really cute ones.

Who says cats can’t tell the time?  Judging by these clips they can tell it better than we can with this series of clips showing cats finding new and novel ways to wave their owners


People think you can’t train a cat the way you can train a dog, but these clips prove this isn’t true.  Cats are more than intelligent enough to learn a range of tricks, once you know how to motivate them.