Top Dust Free Cat Litter

Many of us will have suffered with allergies of a wide variety including to pollen with hayfever and to different types of food such as nuts.  Dust allergies can affect humans but can also affect cats as well and if they have such an allergy, this can lead them to avoid their litter if this is a source of the dust.  This in turn can lead to behavior problems and serious issues with cat mess in all the wrong places.

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What is a dust allergy?

A dust allergy comes under the term of an inhalant allergy that also includes pollen, mites and anything else which causes a reaction when inhaled on several occasions.  It can be seasonal or can occur on a regular basis and the symptoms can include:

  • Military dermatitis – a red and crusty rash around the head, neck and back that causes violent itching
  • Head, ear and neck pruritus – basically intense itching
  • Scabby lesions and facial crusts
  • Hair loss

If you suspect an allergy may be affecting your cat, then it is best to seek veterinary advice.  Once a confirmed diagnosis is made, they will often advise some treatments such as medications to try and stop the allergy or some dietary supplement to help boost the immune system.  However, the most common treatment will be to avoid the cause of the allergy and if this is to dust, then the best dust free litter is going to be a crucial new part of the household.

Dust free litters

While no litter can guarantee to be 100% dust free, there are a range of great products that are over 99% dust free, which should allow your cat to avoid the worst of their allergy.  These litters also have a range of other benefits as other litters do.

YESTERDAY’S NEWS PRODUCTS 702315 Softer Texture Fresh Scent Litter, 26.4-Pound

This litter is different in so far as it is made from recycled newspaper but imitates clay and is great for everyday use.  It is 99.7% dust free and is made from 100% natural products, should your pet suffer from other allergies.  It has a mild scent to help avoid cat odours and is highly absorbent.  Even the very packaging is recyclable, keeping in with the theme of the biodegradable litter.

LitterMaid Premium Corn Clumping Cat Litter, 7-Pound

This brand of corn based litter has been shown to be twice as absorbent as the clay litters and is 99% dust free.  It is made from natural materials, has a gentle pine scent and is non-irritating.  It also manages to control ammonia odours associated with cat urine and doesn’t track in cat’s paws easily.

Premium Choice All Natural Unscented Scoopable Litter, 25 Pound Bag

This litter is also 99% free of dust to make it easy to use for dust allergy cats as well as being non-harmful for the cat’s respiratory system.  It is made of natural materials and bonds together so that unused litter stays in the tray while the used litter clumps together and is easy to remove.  It is also great for eliminating the odors.


Of the four main categories of allergies that affect cats, inhalant allergies are the third on the list of the most frequent, so hopefully many cats will never be affected by it.  However, like food or insect allergies, once you know what the cause of the problem is, it can be much easier to combat the cause of the allergy and make life easier and happier for you and, most importantly, your cat.