Top Entry Litter Box

Cats are interesting, amazing creatures with eccentric and unique behaviors. Although they do possess that independent nature that says “feel privileged to live in my house,” they can be very comforting and fun pets with the ability to lower your stress and blood pressure just by the sound of its purr. However, unlike that of a companion dog, cats don’t require hiking, jogging and daily walks. Choosing the proper litter box is the answer to meet kitty’s needs.

Cats are very modest and prefer discreet, clean areas to do their business. A litter box can go by various names such as sandbox, litter pan, cat box or litter tray. At one time, a simple pan with litter or just letting the cat roam outdoors was the only answer but most owners prefer to keep their pets indoors for their protection from disease, accidents and animal attacks. Litter boxes can serve the need to keep your cat indoors, extending its life by at least 10 years. Many styles and sizes of litter box are available to meet the need for privacy for kitty such as flat pans both short and tall styles, fancy self-cleaning units, litter boxes that open on the sides and in the front, integrated litter boxes in furniture or flower pots and the top entry litter box. All litter boxes can come in various patterns and colors, predominantly composed of plastic materials. The conventional litter box or litter pan is no longer the only option to make kitty happy and content.

The top entry litter box is virtually dog-proof and perfect for homes with multiple pets. It gives your cat the ultimate privacy its needs without disturbances from “Fido” or other pets when trying to find a private moment. One of the features of this special-type litter box is that it is spacious and can accommodate up to two cats comfortably. Size of a litter box is always an important aspect in choosing the right one for your cat or cats. Cats easily adapt to using this type of litter box with the enclosed design, enjoying that added privacy.

One of the pros in using the top entry litter box is that the litter is pretty much confined within the unit and not all over the floor. It does not get tracked around the home. This box is also virtually odor-free because of the design, although choosing the right litter is also a key factor. Most litters are guaranteed odor-free and some are also dust-free for cats that could have litter allergies. Any litter in this litter box for cats is more odor-free than the typical litter pans because of the confined design.

The top entry litter box is an extra heavy-duty jumbo size. It does require a larger litter box liner but you can choose the type of litter that makes kitty happy, adding about two to three inches in the box. Depending on the brand of litter box you choose with a top entry design, you may try a few different liners so that you know what type you will need to use although liners are not always necessary. The most popular maker of this litter box is the Clevercat although there are some other brands such as ModKat, Whisker City and Favorite, just to name a few. The Clevercat is made in the United States and is extremely easy to put together and setup for your cat. This popular brand is sold in various stores and at online sites such as at, gaining high customer satisfaction ratings of about 4.5.

The Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox is the better choice for the cat that loves to dig and kick in complete privacy. The mess remains inside the unit. Measurements average 20 inches x 15 inches x 15 inches, depending on its model and has a 9 inch top entry design. To make cleaning up quick, simple and sanitary, special heavy-duty tarpaulin liners are available to use for the Clevercat. These liners are rip-resistant and waterproof, with handles for easy removal and cleaning.

Top Entry Litter Box

Begin adapting your cat to the new stylish and functional litter box by introducing it without the top on it. After several weeks of comfortable use, put the lid on and see how your cat accepts the new privacy room to do its business. The Clevercat, however, is not the best option for an elderly cat, one with disabilities or if it is unusually large. The feature of the “rooftop” entry provides for a unit that takes up much less space in your home. The sides of the litter box have a non-skid design that keeps the litter dust in the box and not all over your house. Also included is an ergonomic scoop that fits right on the side of litter box to make it easy when it is time to scoop out waste which should be done daily for an odor-free environment and a happy kitty. The top of the litter box comes completely off when you need to replace the litter with new.

Choosing the right litter box is essential for the health and happiness of your cat. Consider comfort, privacy and the right size that is more inviting for your cat, all found in the top entry litter box. The happier and more content the cat, the less of a chance for accidents around the home.